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Modular Plants

Modular Asphalt Plants

The Screen Drum asphalt mixing plant differs from the conventional asphalt batch plant in the way hot aggregates are screened and transported.

Further, it delivers high capacity hotmix asphalt for highway projects, large airport runways, road resurfacing, etc.

The distinguishing features incorporated in this plant are that it has no hot elevator, no vibrating screen and a dual purpose screen drum.


Unique Features and Advantages:

  • The innovative Screen Drum with its proven efficiency performs the dual function of drying as well as screening of aggregates.
  • The circular screens have a larger area for the occupied volume as compared to the flat screens in the vibrating screen plant.
  • The flow path of aggregates is very short and thus a lot of heat energy is saved.
  • It has no vibrating parts and thus there is minimal noise generation.
  • Without the hot elevator and vibrating elements, the total investment, running and maintenance costs reduce drastically.
  • Special quality steel for DRUM, MIXER & BAGHOUSE for long life of the plant
  • Green burner for low Sox and Nox emissions. Option of oxygen controller for high fuel efficiency
  • Specially designed wear plates in hardox



Linnhoff Modular Asphalt Batching Plant

Model MSD 2000 MSD 3000
Capacity 160 TPH/hour 200 TPH/hour